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If you want to keep water away from your home, Tri-County Basement Waterproofing is here for you. For the last 20 years we have been keeping homes & businesses in Michigan dry by keeping water away from the basement. We have a waterproofing solution regardless of the kind of home or business water trouble you are experiencing.

Tri-County Basement Waterproofing offers a full range of Basement Waterproofing solutions that will ensure maximum protection for your home. Our qualified and experienced team of professionals can install full interior wall waterproofing, along with additional solutions such as interior drainage, sump pumps, crack repair, and more. It all depends what you need.

Interior waterproofing is any solution that focuses on the interior of your property. The main treatment involves the use of waterproof materials to add extra layers of protection to your walls. This is combined with effective interior drainage to divert water away from your property. This involves some interior excavation, but doesn’t require as much work as exterior solutions.
Where appropriate, we will also conduct repairs to cracks and gaps in basement walls, which can involve the use of sealant and cement. If water pools in a certain area, our pump and drainage installations can channel water out of your basement.
Advantages of Interior Waterproofing

If you are looking for the most complete and long lasting waterproofing solution available, exterior waterproofing is it, but interior waterproofing allows for the problem to be solved in a much more inexpensive way, and still restores your basement to a functional and livable space.

The main advantage of interior waterproofing when compared to exterior, is its cost effectiveness. Interior solutions can also be preferable if there is a confined space on the exterior, or if access is not possible. Interior solutions can also be combined way exterior solutions to offer extra protection.

  • Extremely cost effective solutions available.
  • Get rid of harmful mold and damp, and bring health and well being back to your home.
  • Protect your basement from leaks and water damage.
  • Restore the functionality and beauty of your basement room.
  • Increase the value of your home.
Advantages of Exterior Waterproofing

The advantages of exterior waterproofing are extensive. Exterior waterproofing, though it may require the most work and be more costly than interior alternatives, is the most renowned and approved method for keeping damp and mold out of your home. It is a real solution that tackles the problem at the root, and gives you a comfortable and structural sound home that will be a joy for you to live in.

  • Restore your basement to its former glory, and turn it back into a fully functional and enjoyable space.
  • Restore health of occupants by removing and preventing damp, mold, and mildew.
  • Only solution to fully protect the structural integrity of your property.
  • Raises the value of your property, and is a major selling point.
  • Offers lifelong protection for your home. No more damp or mold.
There is nothing worse than a damp and moldy basement; apart from a completely flooded one perhaps! Damp and mold ruin the look of a room, damage the quality of the air, and can even cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Damp problems basically renders a room unusable. Our interior waterproofing can solve damp problems, and restore your basement and home back to a functional and beautiful space.
Exterior waterproofing provides the deepest and most substantial protection against damp and mold, but is not always possible, whether it be due to space or access, soil conditions, or the budget of the client. Interior waterproofing allows us to work from the inside of your home, and requires much less excavation and heavy work, while still providing long lasting protection from leaks and damp.
Interior waterproofing solutions can also be combined with water control methods in order to prevent pools of water form gathering in your basement, and to minimize damage in the event of floods.
If you need a fast and effective solution for damp, mold, leaks, or flood problems, then interior waterproofing may well be your answer!


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