Interior Waterproofing

Waterproofing the interior of your basement is a crucial part of home maintenance to protect the longevity of your foundation and home. We specialize in a variety of techniques to waterproof the interior of your basement including French drains, weeping tile, and many more. Keep the inside of your home dry. Contact us today for a fast and friendly FREE estimate!

Exterior Waterproofing

Excavating around the outside of your home is no small task. You definitely want to hire an expert to do the job right the first time to ensure your home’s foundation for years to come. You can trust the team at Tri-County Basement Waterproofing. With over XX years of exterior basement waterproofing experience, we have the knowledge and knowhow to dig responsibly and repair your home’s foundation correctly. Contact us today for a fast and friendly FREE estimate!

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is a necessary part of home maintenance. If the foundation of your home is compromised, everything sitting on top of that foundation will begin to feel the effects as well. It’s important to address the issue before it gets out of hand and more costly. What could be fixed today with a few well placed rods, may cost thousands of dollars to repair even within a few months. If you suspect your home may be in need of foundation repair, call the experts at Tri-county Basement Waterproofing today for a fast and friendly FREE estimate!

Wall Stabilizing

Stabilizing your basement walls can be tricky. It’s not something you want to trust just anyone with. You want to put this project in the hands of a trained professional with a track record of success. At Tri-county Basement Waterproofing we know how to perform the proper processes and procedures to ensure your basement walls are stable and secure for years to come, no matter what environment they are in. Call the experts today for a fast and friendly FREE estimate!

Crack Repair

When homes settle, it isn’t uncommon for the basement walls to crack. But cracks in your basement wall can also be an indicator of a more serious problem that should be looked into quickly. Call the experts at Tri-county Basement Waterproofing. We’ll be happy to take a look at your cracks to determine the cause and let you know if its something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Total Wall Replacement

Replacing an entire basement wall is something that takes careful planning and years of experience to do correctly. We can tell you from experience. Hire the experts at Tri-county Basement Waterproofing. Contact us today for our opinion on whether a total wall replacement is necessary and if so, what the best way to proceed is.

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